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Best Gunsmithing Tools

Gunsmithing Tools

Gun construction and repair requires a special set of skills, and a unique set of tools. Finding every tool you need can be a challenge, but there are a number of gunsmithing toolkits that offer most of the tools a gunsmith would need to turn a workbench into a gunsmithing shop. Below are some of the best gunsmithing tools and toolkits available on the market. But first, check this video that shows some of the basic tools used by YouTube user Iraqveteran8888:

Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit

Gunsmithing Tools
This toolkit is one of the most complete low-cost kits, put together by one of the most popular brands of gunsmithing tool makers. It won a Field & Stream Best of the Best gear award in 2010, and will meet most of your standard gunsmithing needs. It includes a screw driver, a hammer, and a set of punches that fit a variety of pin sizes. The vast selection of bits will match pretty much any gun screws you can find. Priced well under a hundred dollars on Amazon, this kit is a good economic choice for those interested in having the right tool for any occasion.

Weaver Gunsmith Entry Level Compact Tool Kit

Gunsmithing Tools
This Weaver toolkit packs most of the commonly needed firearm maintenance tools into a portable case. For those not ready to jump headlong into the deluxe kit, this set brings many of the basic tools for less than half the price of the deluxe. The bit set includes most of the sizes you will need to fit your gun screws, so for anyone in need of a low-cost gunsmithing bit set, this is a cost-efficient choice.

Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench

Gunsmithing Tools
Wheeler is another name to add to the top list of cost-efficient gunsmithing tools. This torque wrench set makes adjustments to scope rings a snap, and its compact size makes it ideal for field use. Whether you are adjusting in the field or at home, this is a great addition to any gunsmith’s field bag.


Grace USA Gun Care Tool Set

Gunsmithing Tools
Grace USA hand crafts some of the highest quality gunsmithing tools, which are all made in the USA. For serious gunsmiths, this small set will be worth its weight in gold. The kit includes eight screwdrivers, eight pin punches, and a brass hammer. The craftsmanship is top of the line, so you will be paying a bit more for this set than the other brands listed, but these are tools will last a lifetime.

Pachmayr Master Firearm Screw Kit

Gunsmithing Tools
This selection of 23 screw types and sizes was designed to meet the need for those screws that are scarce and difficult to find, such as scope screws and scope ring mounts. This set makes a perfect complement to the bit sets mentioned.


 Real Avid Gun Tool Plus

Gunsmithing Tools
This is a perfect space saver for the range, when you need to do some adjustments in the field. The Gun Tool fits 18 tools in the palm of your hand, designed for the most common rifle and shotgun adjustment needs. Though this is not strictly a gunsmithing tool kit, every gunsmith should have a multi-tool like this in their pocket when they take their firearms out to the field.


Be sure to check out our post on Learning How to Become a Gunsmith. Hope you enjoyed checking out these gunsmithing tools.

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